Fire Truck Personalized Boys Lunchbox

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Fire Truck Personalized Boys Lunchbox

Send your child to school with a lunchbox with as much personality as your girl or guy. These lunchboxes are simply fabulous! More than just for lunch, tote around all the little toys your kids love and you can't stand to pick up. You know you have lots of those! Perfect for the car, restaurants, everywhere really. The dry erase sheet on the inside of the lid is the perfect spot to leave a note or a reminder for your little one! Measures 8x7x4 Water Resistant Design on both sides Dry erase sheet on the inside lid.

Our lunch boxes are made of .30 millimeter tin (lead free) and covered with printed, laminated high-tack adhesive on front and back.  The inside top of the lunchbox has a chalkboard for writing messages to your little one!

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